Song List


  1. Let the Music Play 

  2. Break These Chains 
  3. Let's Jump 
  4. An Angels Cry 
  5. Let Go (You're Beautiful) 
  6. Don't You Break My Heart 
  7. You're the Only One 
  8. Cupid's Arrow 
  9. Don't Take the Magic 
  10. Shine 
  11. Don't You Leave Me 
  12. Flame of Desire 
  13. Celebrate 
  14. Look into My Eyes 
  15. Children of the Sun 
  16. Adonis 
  17. Baby Take Me Higher 
  18. Heart Goes Boom 
  19. I Need a Hero 
  20. I'm Falling 
  21. Look into the Future 
  22. Razor Blade 
  23. Share Our Love 
  24. Hold Me Hold Me 
  25. Sun Comes Up 
  26. Take Me Away 
  27. Waiting for Your Call 
  28. You're All I Need 
  29. If I Fall 
  30. Another Lonely Day

Celebrate Remixes

  1. Let the Music Play (E39 NYC Electro Remix) 
  2. Let the Music Play (E39 NY to Miami Remix) 
  3. Break These Chains (E39 NYC Peter Tanico Remix) 
  4. Let's Jump (E39 Mixshow) 
  5. Let's Jump (E39 Disco 3000 Mix) 
  6. An Angel's Cry (E39 NYC Big Room Mix) 
  7. You're the Only One (E39 Circuit Mix) 
  8. Celebrate (E39 NYC Peter Tanico Remix) 
  9. Children of the Sun (E39 Solar Flare Mix) 
  10. Adonis (E39 Killer Looks Remix) 
  11. Heart Goes Boom (E39 Heartbeat Mix) 
  12. I'm Falling (E39 Torch Mix) 
  13. Sun Comes Up (E39 Ignite the Spark Mix) 
  14. Another Lonely Day (E39 Lonely Summer Mix) 
  15. Waiting for Your Call (E39 Midnight Mix) 
  16. Look into My Eyes (State of Sunshine Remix)


Saturday Girl

Saturday Girl

  1. Saturday Girl
  2. Eclipse My Heart

Saturday Girl Remixes

  1. 402 (E39 Chill Mix)
  2. 402 (E39 Pop Mix) 
  3. Don’t Take My Dreams (E39 Deep House Mix) 
  4. Don’t Take My Dreams (E39 Pop Remix) 
  5. Saturday Girl (Electrozart Remix) 
  6. Saturday Girl (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix) 
  7. Saturday Girl (Technobears Remix) 
  8. Saturday Girl (Technobears Dub Remix) 
  9. Saturday Girl (E39 Sunday Remix) 
  10. Saturday Girl (Testa Rossa Remix)