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I Am Lightyear

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​I am Lightyear. I’m from San Diego California and have been living in Florida for the past15 years, and I have been involved in music for most of my life.  I'm sure it is safe to say that musicians live, breathe, and devour music, and I am no exception.

I love dance music like nothing else. Sure, I enjoy other music, but dance music is something I will still be listening to when I’m 80. I will be the one geriatric guy with a huge sound system in my car playing the latest EDM or whatever is popular at that time whilst pulling up to the old folk’s home!

​When I was 16, I began to learn to craft my own songs. I studied how others crafted their songs. Later, in the 1980's I toured with a band on Capitol/EMI records. I even wrote two of the songs on the album. The band had minor success on the dance charts with two of the songs I wrote. I am a very positive person, and I didn’t want to put anything negative in my bio, but the band stole

the two songs I wrote, and they gave me a special thanks on the album. I learned later that one of the brothers in the band committed suicide. Looking back, I saw all the signs of a troubled soul, a soul who took and never gave. I am truly sorry it came to this.

​I used to spend a lot of time in clubs dancing the hours away to dance music where I learned the beats and syncopation. At the age of 17, I learned about a club called, “The Monastery, “while I was still in High school, and it was the only club in Seattle that was underage. This place was

incredible. The owner was a shady character from NYC, and he used to burn frankincense and Myrrh in the furnace, so, as he puts it, you would wake up from whatever drug you took, and remember where you had been the night before.

​It worked, not that I did drugs, but my clothes wreaked of that smell mixed in with cigarettes, and I instantly remembered where I had been. He called the place a church, so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes. To most of the street kids, it was home, and a warm place to stay. He had airplane seats downstairs and a full screen movie area that played cult hits.

The best part of that place was the sound system. It sported 4 Phase Linear amps that pumped out a combined total of 2000 watts of bass. The people who lived two blocks away would complain that the bass was in their homes. I could hear and feel it a block away.  I knew I was almost home the moment I stepped foot outside my car. “The Monastery,” was a beautiful old wooden church, and the wood acted like a great acoustic sound box.

This is where I first heard hard cutting Disco music that nobody heard on the radio at the time aside from songs like, Funky Town, and Heart of Glass. Back then we had indie label’s that put out music you could only buy at specialty shops that carried DJ records. This is where I learned about dance music, and how it was crafted. Mind you, you still must create a melody, but I began to understand syncopation, hooks, and format. I am still learning today, and will till the day I die. You can never know enough, because although the basic elements stay the same, the music keeps changing.

I never really expected to be involved in music the way I am today. I gave up on music altogether and decided to pursue a degree in computer networking, but I was bored. I heard some club music that got me excited again, and I decided to get involved in a big way.

I had a track I wrote called, "Maybe," that was sung by my friend, “Tina Fisher,” played on BBC Introducing. I also had my track, "Eclipse My Heart," Played on BBC Introducing. I have been played on several radio stations including, “Colin’s Cut’s,” on Kane FM 103.7 in London, UK. My tracks have also played in numerous dance clubs up and down the East Coast and West Coast, Hawaii, and Europe. I am featured in many remixes on Sobel Nation Records, and I have charted on many dance charts as well as being featured on many Musicworx DJ Playlists. 

Lightyear on Musicworx

I have been featured on Musicworx by several leading DJ's. This is just a sample of one of the lists. 

Lightyear on Musicworx

My latest track is charting on Musicworx at number 42, and is featured on several playlists. Here is one example